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Laser Hair Removal?
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Welcome to Essentially Bare, Boston-area's independent and experienced Laser Clinic.

Over the past nine years, we have treated over 8,000 people for permanent hair removal, and offer dermatological aesthetic procedures chosen by our physician for proven effectiveness, recovery time, and safety. We treat men and women, all skin types and body areas.

Blending Methodology Yields Better Results
Essentially Bare’s approach to treatment is fully customized, and a consultation (complimentary) is required prior to commencing any treatment. Depending on your desired results and skin condition, we may recommend a combination of technologies and skin treatments to effectively treat you. We have found that lasers yield varying levels of results depending on skin type and treatment type. Our blending methodology is highly successful and cost-effective for patients.

Advanced skin services:

  BOTOX® Restylane® & Radiesse®
  Fractional Resurfacing
  Physician Grade Microdermabrasion
  Skin & Condition Specific Chemical Peels
  Cosmetic Vein Removal (broken capillaries)
  VISIA Skin Analysis
  Photofacials (Intense Pulsed Light)
  Physician Grade Skin Care Products

Not All Lasers are Created Equal
The FDA requires 3 laser treatments for successful hair reduction. The success of a treatment largely depends on the fluence (or strength) used with a laser. Many treatments at low fluence will only make the hair thinner, making it impossible for reduction and/or removal. Before you sign on for "unlimited treatments" or big, discounted packages, call us.


> Treats a wide range of fine vessels
> No anesthesia required
> Usually only a single treatment required
> Minimal downtime
> Cleared by the FDA for telangiectasia*

Pricing Guideline:
$179 for top of nose + nostrils
$199 for nose + surrounding veins around nostrils
$299 for nose, surrounding area + cheeks
(usually only 1 treatment required)

Other areas and pricing determined at consultation


VeinGogh uses Ohmic Thermolysis, the unique process of selectively thermocoagulating small, cosmetically unacceptable blood vessels using microbursts of high-frequency electrical energy delivered into the vessel via a hair-thin probe. The resistivity of the vessels converts the energy to heat instantly, coagulating the blood and collapsing the vessel wall, yet leaving the outer layers of the skin unaffected.

*Treats facial telangiectasia, spider veins and spider angiomas, especially those recalcitrant to other therapies. Consultation is required to determine whether or not VeinGogh is appropriate treatment for you.

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